General Informations
How often do I need to clean the Bullerjan®?
The Bullerjan® burns off wood almost entirely. Depending on how much you heat, the ash box should be emptied once or twice a week. Please ensure that the Bullerjan® is not in use when emptying and that there are no embers in the ash.
How can I find the right stove to complement the ambience I have at home?
The Bullerjan® offers a perfect model for every type of ambient environment. The Bullerjan® is available in four styles: Bullerjan® CLASSIC, the original, rustic product line; Bullerjan® DESIGN, the modern variation cased in stainless steel elements; and Bullerjan® STONE, for those who wish to enjoy the warmth long after the fire has gone out. Customers who are looking to heat larger rooms or workshops can opt for the Bullerjan® INDUSTRY with its 35 kW or 45 kW thermal output.
Where can I buy a Bullerjan®?
If you are looking for a Bullerjan® distribution partner in your area, please complete the contact form.
How long does the Bullerjan® hold its heat?
Bullerjan® convection stoves are noted for their fast and comprehensive heat distribution. The Bullerjan® Stone now offers up to an additional 2 hours of heat retention, even after the fire has gone out.
How is the heat output regulated?
As with any other hand-loaded stove, the heat output is primarily regulated through the quantity of fuel put into it. In general, the more wood you add, the greater the heat produced. In this respect, please observe the maximum wood quantities per hour stipulated in the instruction manual. It is important to ensure that enough combustion air is supplied to enable the wood to burn with a bright yellow flame.
Technical Details
Where can I use the Bullerjan®?
Bullerjan® convection stoves can be operated almost anywhere. Be it in your own cosy home or in a hunting lodge, holiday home, workshop or large warehouse – regardless of your heating needs, a solution is always available with the Bullerjan®. Quite simply, the Bullerjan® fits everywhere. For information on installation and operation of your stove, please obtain advice from an approved installer and/or heating inspector.
What sizes is the Bullerjan® available in?
Bullerjan® convection stoves are available in five different sizes ranging from 6 kW to 45 kW. Depending on the room insulation, these can easily heat spaces ranging from 100 m³ to 1300 m³.
What do I have to be aware of when installing the Bullerjan®?
Please note that furnace installations may only be operated after the functionality and safe application of the flue (chimney) and stove have been confirmed by an approved installer and/or heating inspector. Further information on installation is available in the installation and instruction manual. Please comply with all statutory provisions and regulations that apply in your country.
How rapidly can I heat up a room?
Bullerjan® convection stoves are noted for their fast heat distribution. Depending on the size of the room and stove, a significant rise in temperature is achievable in only a few minutes.
What fuels can the Bullerjan® burn?
The Bullerjan® is a wood-burning stove. Only untreated pieces of wood in their natural state may be burnt. Never burn treated or plastic-covered wood, chipboard, sawdust, wood chippings, coal, coke or similar. The exception is the Bullerjan dot®, in which lignite briquettes may also be burnt in addition to untreated wood.
Bullerjan History
The origins of the Bullerjan® can be traced back to the expansive forests of Canada. The land of bitter winters, tranquillity, isolation and lumberjacks. It was these lumberjacks who first devised the concept of Bullerjan® heating technology to help them to quickly and efficiently transform the biting cold into cosy warmth.
Heating with wood
How do you store wood properly?
Logs should be stacked in a dry place. It is important to ensure that air is able to circulate through the stack and that the wood is stacked with an end facing outwards.
How long must wood be stored before it can be used for heating?
Drying and storage periods are dependent on the type of wood that is used for heating. The minimum drying periods for the various types of wood are: fir, poplar 1 year; spruce, birch, pine 1 ½ years; beech, ash, fruit trees 2 years; oak 2 ½ years.
What are the benefits of heating with wood?
Wood is a renewable resource that is relatively cheap to buy. Storage and preparation is straightforward. In addition, heating with wood actively contributes to protecting the environment.
How can I change the appearance of the Bullerjan®?
The outer appearance of the Bullerjan® can be changed at any time to suit individual wishes. A variety of design elements, shapes, colours and materials enable you to design the Bullerjan® according to your own individual taste. There are numerous examples on display in our showroom.