The Bullerjan® offers a perfect model for every type of ambient environment. The Bullerjan® is available in four styles: Bullerjan® CLASSIC, the original, rustic product line; Bullerjan® DESIGN, the modern variation cased in stainless steel elements; and Bullerjan® STONE, for those who wish to enjoy the warmth long after the fire has gone out.
The new Bullerjan dot® focuses on design. This redesign of the iconic classic expands our product portfolio to include a real individualist. The Bullerjan dot® not only makes an impact in terms of output; its stylish modernity also catches the eye. Our broad range of options allows you to create a unique item that will combine perfectly with your interior design.
Bullerjan® INDUSTRY – Heating technology captivates with its functionality. The Bullerjan® INDUSTRY persuades by means of its functionality. This is not just about appearance, it is about power. Rapid warming of large rooms and the non-polluting use of wood remnants are economic arguments in which the Bullerjan® cannot be outdone.