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Ideas often stem from people being confronted with events concerning their environment. So it’s no great surprise that the Bullerjan® convection stove originated in Canada. While visiting the land of the bitter winters in 1979, electrical engineer Erhard Knöfler made an unusual discovery when he came across a small stove that generated enough heat to comfortably warm a large room. Impressed with its operating principle, the man from Lower Saxony exported the convection stove to Germany. Three years later, he established the company ENERGETEC, Gesellschaft für Energietechnik mbH and began global distribution of the product. Much has happened since then: the name Bullerjan® was born and further technical innovations have consistently followed. Thanks to its broad output range, the Bullerjan® convection stove is capable of optimally heating just about any facility ranging from 100–1300 m³. Its versatility and numerous design variations have made the stove more popular throughout the world than practically any other.
Today, the family-run business sells stoves all over the globe from its headquarters in Isernhagen-Kirschhorst and its central warehouse in Lehrte, including Europe, Canada, Japan, Namibia and South Africa. Moreover, the company also has a close-knit distribution network that counts 200 retailers in Europe alone. With all the benefit of our experience, we only offer you the best. Our stoves offer high-quality workmanship, a long service life, maximum heating performance and a superb heating experience. We master fire, but we certainly don’t play with it – and we keep you warm in the process. You can be sure that Bullerjan® stoves meet both your and our quality requirements in every way. Tens of thousands of Bullerjan® customers all over the world can’t be wrong – a benchmark we have felt obliged to live up to for more than thirty years! Quality starts with us at the material procurement stage. From the smallest bolt up, we comply with all the respective safety and statutory requirements. Whether they are bought-in or manufactured in-house, all our stove parts naturally comply with DIN EN 13240 and are truly tried and tested.