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  • Best Valuable Heat
  • Choice of Models and Origins
  • Multiple Benefits
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Exceptional Design.

The Bullerjan® stove is an accentuating feature wherever it provides warmth – be it the iconic Bullerjan® CLASSIC or the stylish Bullerjan dot®. Enjoy a fire in an original form with an exceptional design. Discover the secret of its functionality and give your Bullerjan® its very own individual character.  

Valuable Heat

The Bullerjan® provides independence from electricity, oil, gas and coal. It transforms seasoned firewood and untreated pallet, profiled and building timber into valuable heat.

Multiple choices.

The Bullerjan® offers a perfect model for every type of ambient environment. The Bullerjan® is available in four styles: Bullerjan® CLASSIC, the original, rustic product line; Bullerjan® DESIGN, the modern variation cased in stainless steel elements; and Bullerjan® STONE, for those who wish to enjoy the warmth long after the fire has gone out. Customers who are looking to heat larger rooms or workshops can opt for the Bullerjan® INDUSTRY with its 35 kW or 45 kW thermal output.

What are the origins of Bullerjan ?

The origins of the Bullerjan® can be traced back to the expansive forests of Canada. The land of bitter winters, tranquillity, isolation and lumberjacks. It was these lumberjacks who first devised the concept of Bullerjan® heating technology to help them to quickly and efficiently transform the biting cold into cosy warmth.

Beneficii Multiple

The benefits of the Canadian heating wonder are innumerable – but here are the essentials:
  • - short heating-up period
  • - enormous heat output and rapid heat distribution
  • - an even burn
  • - cosy warmth in your home
  • - large combustion chamber
  • - almost total wood burn-off
  • - a minimum of ash

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Impressive option list:

  • Incredibile design
  • Enormous heat output
  • Large combustion chamber
  • Solid and Robust
  • Completly configurable
  • Powerfull
  • Rapid heat distribution
  • Almost total wood burn-off
  • Independence from electricity, oil, gas and coal.
  • Heat retain of more than two hours.
  • Safe
  • An even burn
  • A minimum of ash
  • Short heating time
  • Can be operated almost anywhere
  • Trusty
  • Cosy warmth in your home
  • Completly configurable
  • Burns wood entirely
  • Available in five different sizes ranging from 6 kW to 45 kW